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Floodgate Docs

Managing Subscriptions

Floodgate offers a number of subscription packages to suit most needs. When you are ready to subscribe to Floodgate you can follow the instructions below.

Creating a New Subscription

When you are ready to subscribe to Floodgate you can do so from the Account Settings portal.

Navigate to Account Settings page from the main navigation menu.

Select Subscription from the sub menu.

This page will show you the plans which are available for you to subscribe to. You can choose to subscribe monthly or you can subscribe annually for a discount.

Select the plan you want to subscribe to and click the Select Plan button.

You will be asked to confirm you want to subscribe. Click the Continue with Secure Checkout button.

You will be directed to a form from our payment and subscription management provider where you will be asked to fill in your billing and credit card details.

Floodgate uses Chargebee for their payment and subscription management. Floodgate does not process or store your credit card details in any way.